is no less
than an
Earthly Paradise

Why choose Arillas for your holidays

Arillas is well known for its exceptional beach, transparent blue waters and breathtaking sunsets. Nature here has created a wondrous triangle of potent beauty and powerful energies that are unmistakably felt by all who visit Arillas.

The area offers many alternative events and eco friendly holiday style retreats. Yoga classes, massage therapists, movement and dance happenings are  available to all, be they on the beach or in one of the many private retreat centers in Arillas.

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Arillas is also home to the award winning Corfu Beer Brewery, the impressive Buddha Hall center and the summertime Sound and Silence Festival. Local notice boards communicate activities in the area, as do various facebook community pages.

What you will feel in Arillas

The JOY of meeting openhearted people.
The FREEDOM of feeling like taking all your clothes off and jumping in the sea.
The EXHILARATION of being at one with nature.
The PEACE of knowing that such a place indeed exists and that you can always come back again.

In Arillas

To go within at Alexis Zorbas, Ouranos Club, Buddha Hall.
To celebrate at Sound and Silence Festival, Corfu Dance festival, the October Beer Fest.
To eat and drink at Brouklis Taverna, Evdemon Restaurant, the Corfu Beer Brewery.